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Zabineth (shadow priest) (Accepted)

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Zabineth (shadow priest) (Accepted) Empty Zabineth (shadow priest) (Accepted)

Post  Zabineth on Fri Nov 19, 2010 2:38 am

General information

Character name: Zabineth
Class: Priest (shadow)
Race: Draenei
Armory link:
UI screenshot:
Played Time on your character (and how much of that at level 80):
Total: 71days 24hours
Level 80: 38days 5hours
Professions and level of professions: Enchanting & Tailoring (both 450)
Do you have a stable internet connection (Yes/No and average MS in raids): yes, MS is around 50 at raids.

What other characters do you have?
Bandag (warrior)
Baxir (Shaman)

Raid times and Experience

We raid 7 days a week, days and times could possibly change in the future, please delete yes or no below depending on whether you would be able to attend or not. (server times)
Monday 19:30-00:00 - Yes
Tuesday 19:30-00:00 - Yes
Wednesday 19:30-00:00 - Yes
Thursday 19:30-00:00 - Yes
Friday 19:30-xx:xx - Yes
Saturday 19:30-xx:xx - Yes
Sunday 19:30-23:00 - Yes

Do you have pre-WotLK raiding experience, if so what?

Karazhan: Full Clear
Gruul’s Liar: Full Clear
Serpentshrine Cavern: Full Clear.
Tempest Keep: Full Clear
Battle for Mount Hyal: Full Clear
Black Temple: Full Clear
Zul’ Aman: Full Clear
Magister’s Terrace: couple first bosses

What raiding experience do you have in WotLK? Please include which bosses you've done on heroic mode.

naxx: Full Clear
Obsidian Sanctum: Full Clear 10+25 with 3drakes
The Eye of Eternity: 10+25 man
Onyxia’s Lair: Full Clear 10+25
ulduar: 10man others except Thorim, General Vezax and Yogg-Sharon. 25man: only 4 first
toc: Full Clear 10+25
10 man HC 5/5
Vault of Archavon: Full Clear 10+25
icc 10: Full Clear HC : 6/12
icc 25: 6/12 (HC Gunship) (hard to get more kills with pug group)
Ruby Sanctum: 10man

Character specific questions

Explain your current gear choices and how you hope to improve them in the future, meaning which stats do you prioritize and why.
Using 4set of T10 for set bonus to low MF tick time. Now stacking max intellect and haste.

Comment on how you've chosen to gem and enchant your character, and why you have chosen these gems/enchants.
Using intellect->haste->crit (ofcourse keeping hit capped) to maximum my dps

What glyphs are you using and why?
-Glyph of Mind Flay: dont have to refresh dots
-Glyph of Shadow Word: Death for extra dps
-Glyph of Shadow Word: Pain since theres nothing else better yet.
Glyph of Inner Fire
Glyph of Fear Ward
Glyph of Fade
minor (there are no others that are really usefull)
Glyph of Shadowfiend
Glyph of Fading
Glyph of Shadow protection

Do you have any notable offspec gear and are you experienced/up to date with the mechanics of playing your offspecs?
not really

We require you to have at least one crafting profession (not engineering). If you have two gathering professions, would you be prepared to reroll one?
Have allready, but can change if needed

General questions

Previous guilds and reasons for leaving?
Eternals: didnt play on this one when WotLK came out and was kicked out of the guild
FUSE: people stopped raiding
Crisis: no raids in there

What 1 thing would you change about your class if you could?
yes, but never played on this on any other spec than Shadow

What do you think you can add to Eternals?
good dps and ofcourse Enchants and tailoring stuffs

What do you think Eternals can do for you?
New&old dungeons and raids progress and fun raids Smile

Do you know anyone from Eternals who might have something nice to say about you?
Some people might remember me in Eternals (or Bandag)

Personal infomation; Name, age, where you live, interests/hobbies, Job and family that will nag you to stop raiding?
Tero, 26, Finland
interests&hobbies: playing wow and gym
Dont have nagging family to disturb raiding Smile

Additional information which you would like to name?


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Zabineth (shadow priest) (Accepted) Empty Re: Zabineth (shadow priest) (Accepted)

Post  Rigsby on Fri Nov 19, 2010 7:15 am

Without hesitation you are always welcome in Eternals.

See you soon Handbag.

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