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Holy Paladin - Fredhenk (Accepted)

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Holy Paladin - Fredhenk (Accepted)

Post  Fredhenk on Tue Sep 22, 2009 11:01 am

General information:

Hello champs, after spending quiet a lot of time in rl, doing school stuff and social crap. I've come to realise that I kinda miss raiding. Also I'm noticing I have more spare time this year then expected. Smile

Characters name: Fredhenk
Class: Paladin
Race: Dwarf
Armory link: Click me Chances are I logged off in my tanking gear, I'll try to log off in my healing gear when I log off the next time Smile
UI screenshot:
Played Time on your character: 107 Days
Profesions and level of professions: 350 JC and 350 Alchemy
Do you have a stable internet connection (Yes/No and average MS in raids): Yes, not 100% sure about the ms but about 50 I think, getting fiberpowah sometime this or next month Smile

What other characters do you have?
Imwithvonn - lvl 80 priest
Doofenshmirt - lvl 44 rogue
not really bothered with any of my other alts Smile

Raid times and Experience:

We raid 7 days a week, days and times could possibly change in the future, please delete yes or no below depending on whether you would be able to attend or not. (server times)
Monday 19:30-00:00 - Yes
Tuesday 19:30-00:00 - Yes
Wednesday 19:30-00:00 - Yes
Thursday 19:30-00:00 - Yes
Friday 19:30-xx:xx - Yes - 6:00 is usually when I fall asleep on my keyboard:p
Saturday 19:30-xx:xx - No
Sunday 19:30-23:00 - Yes

Do you have pre-WotLK raiding experience, if so what?

Didnt play pre tbc, raided with Frequency and later on Eternals in Tbc getting up to 2% Brutallus Wink

What 10 man and 25 man Ulduar bosses have you cleared and of which out of those bosses have you done on hard mode?

Done all the 10 man hard modes, haven't gotten a kill on One light or Algalon, but did a couple attempts on both of those. Didnt do as much on 25 man, think I only killed orbituary on my Paladin and Hodir/Thorim on my priest, as far as hard modes go. After Ulduar I haven't done any of the bosses on hard mode, nor have I killed any 25 man ToC bosses.

Character specific questions:

Explain your current gear choices and how you hope to improve then in the future.

The gear I currently have is still pretty much crit/haste based, which I know isnt the best way to go atm. but for me it's all I have:) There's pretty much major improvements to be done in every slot. Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on some more mp5 gear soon. Any pointers on gear are always welcome, I tend to learn quick and pick stuff up easily Smile same goes for gems and enchants

Comment on how youve chosen to gem and enchant your character, and why you have chosen these gems/enchants.
First off I'd like to comment on the missing (50 spellpowah atm) weapon enchant, I haven't been raiding for a while and couldnt be arsed getting a really expensive enchant.

I've gemmed mostly for int and sp atm, but planning on going for a bit more mp5 as soon as I get some new pieces. most of my gems atm arent even epic yet, but I have the money/gems lying around to change that if I get accepted.

What glyphs are you using and why?


Glyph of Seal of Wisdom: - 5% mana cost on your healing spells, pretty much a no brainer :p
Glyph of Beacon of Light: - 30 secs extra on bacon = less mana going to waste on refreshing = good stuff Very Happy (read: 'Ronab told me to')
Glyph of Holy Light: - Aoe yo!

Glyph of Lay on hands: Only really good minor for paladins (correct me if I'm making a terrible mistake here:p)
Glyph of the Wise: Just something I had when seals didnt last for all eternity

Do you have any notable offspec gear and are you experience/up to date with the mechanics of playing your offspecs?

Pretty decent tanking gear and I'm not afraid to use it, allthough it needs a complete revamp gem wise. Pretty much some ulduar stuff with brewfest trinks :p
And some average dps gear, havent played ret seriously for a while

General questions

Previous guilds and reasons for leaving?

Been in eternals since, forever. My reason for leaving raiding a while back where just plain rl issues, stuff going with my ex gf, my mom and well, I just couldnt really handle having to sit behind my pc every night. A lot of the stress is gone Wink and I'm doing a lot better in life, so decided to apply again:p

What role do you feel you provide in a raid and what areas of strengths do you feel your class and spec has over others?

Unlike when doing brutallus as retri, I feel paladin is a full grown class these days Smile And I'm sure everyone else would agree. Healing in raids ofc is as important as it always has been, but as a paladin I can bring some nice tricks in the form of beacon, sacred shield and ofc blessings. I think the class is very strong because of these buffs, and ofc also because of the high healing output, I tend to have problems with mana though :"(

What 1 thing would you change about your class if you could?

Illumination back to 100% if you ask me:P. oh and more pink gear. (woops thats two things:S)

What do you think you can add to Eternals?

A fairly strong healer and serious raider. Someone who will die on your tribute to immortality run and cry, and just a friendly face Smile

What do you think Eternals can do for you?

Lots of fun raids and well, just some good time with some old friends really Smile

Personal infomation; Name, age, where you live, interests/hobbies, Job and family that will nag you to stop raiding?
Frederik van der Kruijs (I steal hats) Age: 17. I live at home with my mum in Berkel en Rodenrijs Smile (not the place to be :"()
I love wow and music. been playing a lot of other games though, and I tend to hang out with my friends a lot Smile this might take up the occasional friday, but I'll always know that in advance.
Still attending school, exams this year: busy, but not too busy Smile

Additional information which you would like to name?
This is the first time I've ever applied for anything Razz so dont give me too much of a hard time please. Razz
Anything you'd like to add/ask just contact me ingame, on the thread, or on msn :
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Re: Holy Paladin - Fredhenk (Accepted)

Post  Ronab on Tue Sep 22, 2009 11:15 am


edit: sorry rigs, had to!

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Re: Holy Paladin - Fredhenk (Accepted)

Post  Natulini on Tue Sep 22, 2009 11:18 am

Frednub is back! <3

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Re: Holy Paladin - Fredhenk (Accepted)

Post  Rigsby on Tue Sep 22, 2009 12:00 pm

I'm disappointed you didn't talk to me first but we will let you know shortly

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Re: Holy Paladin - Fredhenk (Accepted)

Post  Fanthom on Tue Sep 22, 2009 12:45 pm

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Re: Holy Paladin - Fredhenk (Accepted)

Post  Killwolf on Wed Sep 23, 2009 2:15 am

Guess im gona die some more with another male nelf hater

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Re: Holy Paladin - Fredhenk (Accepted)

Post  Beaker on Wed Sep 23, 2009 3:25 am

Killwolf wrote:Guess im gona die some more with another male nelf hater

lol i thought you said male nelf hunter and spent ages trying to figure out the connection between fred, hunters and you dying lol Very Happy

Anyways, /hugs Fred Smile
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Re: Holy Paladin - Fredhenk (Accepted)

Post  Fivedollah on Wed Sep 23, 2009 4:01 am

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Re: Holy Paladin - Fredhenk (Accepted)

Post  Rigsby on Thu Sep 24, 2009 4:25 pm

Will talk in game

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Re: Holy Paladin - Fredhenk (Accepted)

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