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Raymzzter Mage (Accepted)

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Raymzzter Mage (Accepted)

Post  Raymzzter on Sun Sep 20, 2009 2:28 am

1. Ivo. 19 year old Student with to many free time.
2. From the Netherlands
( Contact me True Email. )

1. The name is Raymzzter he is 147 Days old, and a gnome!
2. Mage, my current spec is Fire. Arcane 3.2.2
3. ... =Raymzzter

1. Talent Spec
Currently i have Fire as my spec i took this spec becouse i think currently its the best spec to play as a mage. Looking at the mana efficiency combined with the crit you get from spirit now combined with Torment of the weak 3/3 if the raid has slowing / snaring ( which they normally do within other class rotations )

2. Stat Priorities
Im currently a Haste junkie combined with Spellpower, i do this becouse of the new 2 set which gives even a higher amount of your spirit to be transferred into crit and with the 4set which gives another 5% more crit base. These 2 combined i think is enough reason to stack haste - Spellpower - Crit - spirit and ofcourse enough hit for the cap.

But looking at all the new toc caster gear hit will defenitly not be a problem thats for sure.

On the other hand
After 3.2.2 new arcane changes will give 200 DPS more in bis gear once you go arcane as a mage with the 4stack arcane blast, mana cost multiplier reduced to 160% , no mana costs used when missle barrage. and a 40% chance instead of 20% that missle barrage gets triggered from ARcane blast i mean liek whut gief arcane.

Gemming and gear whise it wont change from Fire just keep the Spellpower - haste especially as arcane becomes alot more mana efficient.

2. Gear & Enhancements
AS said before i stack haste toghether with spellpower therefor i use Spell - haste gems in orange sockets.
Sopellpower - Spirit in Purple sockets for the extra crit from spirit.
For gear look above.

3. Glyphs
Glpyh of Fireball
Glyph of Molten Armor
Glyph of Living Bomb.

Arcane Power
Arcane Blast
Molten Armor

4. Rotation
I use depending on raid setup i start off with putting living bomb on target then popping all cd's my scale of faith, Combustion, Mirror images then nuke till combustion runs off then i stack scorch depending
on the amount of mages i eitehr stack it twice or do it 5 times if im the only mage. then my living bomb goes off and i normally get a hotstreak i trow instant pyro then continue with fireball and keeping living bomb up
at the boss. Keep scorch up Keep Living bomb up and trow instant pyros. And pop cd's once their off cd. As fast as possible so i can use them as most as possible during the fight.

5. Consumables
Flask of the Frostwyrm and Normally we have fish feasts up and if not i use my own spellpower buff food when needed.

6. Addons and UI
I use Recount / Omen / Decursive / DBM / Mage Alert / Atlast loot.
My UI is the standard WOW one just i have everything i need Keybined to give me the fastest reaction as possible.

7. Professions
I have leatherworking for the Wrists enchant i used to have it for Drums tbc and found out it has nice Wrist enchant now to increase my Spellpower.
The other Profession is Enginearing i have this basically becouse i was the only Enginear within FTW and seeming that Repair bots are handy and that there
are always people poking me for Jeeves and now with the gloves enchant of enginearing that i might consider taking with arcane which gives me 340 haste each minute
for 12 seconds instead of the fixed 23 Spellpower.

E. Raiding

1. Past Experience
Ive done Everything TBC With FTW up to illidan Then i had a break from wow for awhile.
And then rejoined them during their Naxx Farming got geared up in 1 week ish.

Then joined them in ulduar done all the 10 man hardmodes got the rusted proto.
Bin on Algalon 2 times. And best ive bin to was 40% then they started doing the runs daytime and i couldent join then.
10 man toc heroic did beasts but our group wasnt active enough for the others Due to leavers.
25 man Ulduar clear have all achs Exept for Mimi hard / Freya hard / Yogg hard / Vezax .

2. Guild History
The guild i love is FTW ive bin in it since kara. Just that all the people i had so mutch fun with over the years during trash in kara and during ssc / TK
All started leaving 1 by 1 and so many new people joined that the real spirit of FTW was gone really.
most of the core people of FTW where semi active and yeah i missed the raiding we used to have without all the slack etc.

I just want a guild that gives me 4 ours of straight raiding with no bullshit and a guild that i can commit to and help with their pro progress.

3. Availability
I can raid everyday from 19:00 Till Whenever the boss is down exept for Theusdays And Thursdays on these 2 days i am a spinning instructor for a group of people at a sportschool
On these days i Definitly logg online at 22:00 but on all the other days i will be online 19:00 and even Fridays and Saturdays you will find me online.

Other info?!

I luvv to pvp ive bin playing since season 1 always are active within Arena and BAttleground i love to make premades even if i dont get into lost just whisper me if you see me
in a BG and il probably have some other people with me for a premade.

Ive got 1 alt which is lvl 76 ( Yes it is a DK ) i just love playing my mage to mutch and by saying that i know my class true and true and i hope you guys can see that in the application aswell.


Ivo van R,


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Re: Raymzzter Mage (Accepted)

Post  Rigsby on Sun Sep 20, 2009 4:17 am

Accepted on Trial

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