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Holy paladin (ongbakk) new 1 (Declined)

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Holy paladin (ongbakk) new 1 (Declined)

Post  ongbakk on Mon Sep 07, 2009 4:16 pm

General information:

Characters name:Ongbakk
Armory link:
UI screenshot:
Played Time on your character:about 50 days
Profesions and level of professions:n/a atm
Do you have a stable internet connection (Yes/No and average MS in raids):

my internet is verry stable i havent been d/c in any raids and havent been d/c for about 8 months i do have a bit of lag at times i dont know why think its because of my avg scan in background my MS in raids is about 140

What other characters do you have?
lvl 80 Deathknight(money maker)
lvl 80 rougue pvp
lvl 80 warrior(tank)
lvl 80 shammy

Raid times and Experience:

my previous times have been around 19:00-23:00
i have cleared nax 10/24 man, mally wanna do 25 man but old guild failed uldur/12/14 few on HM,i have done OS 10/25 man 1 drake i have cleared all about from genreal and yogg
and the my guild diside to get other ppl insted of me so u wanted to join eternals to help me get to the end and make me fill part of a guild

We raid 7 days a week, days and times could possibly change in the future, please delete yes or no below depending on whether you would be able to attend or not. (server times)
Monday 19:30-00:00 - Yes
Tuesday 19:30-00:00 - Yes
Wednesday 19:30-00:00 - Yes
Thursday 19:30-00:00 - Yes
Friday 19:30-xx:xx - Yes till i get sleepy
Saturday 19:30-xx:xx - Yes till about 2 am
Sunday 19:30-23:00 - Yes

Do you have pre-WotLK raiding experience, if so what?

yes when i was lvl 70 i have done black temple zull aman zull gurrub grulls lair

What 10 man and 25 man Ulduar bosses have you cleared and of which out of those bosses have you done on hard mode?

i have done XT mimiron Flame razorscale and up to genrel and yogg
my old guild we had about 5 attempts at genrel but we faild:( i know boss tack of yogg and genrel
i have never atully downed them yet so need to prepare for when i come to face em and hopefully down em i have been reading and watching vids on 25 man HM so i know wot needs to be done

Character specific questions:

Explain your current gear choices and how you hope to improve then in the future.

my gear choices are:

spell power

the reason for interlects at botton is that the pala do not need huge amount of mana as the spell don't cost much to use my spell powa is the most efective atm more spell powa the better my spell or ganan heal for mp5 is not a prioraty atm as it seems i have spell to regen my mana same as my crit i think ppl may think the better crit the more it heals for but if u look at mt tallents i have skilles that encress my crit anyways so dont need need it on my gear,haste is the next best thing for me like just say im in raid and im getting attack for instance and i will be able to preform quicker and save a wipe anyways thats all i have to say about my gear choice atm

Comment on how youve chosen to gem and enchant your character, and why you have chosen these gems/enchants.

i have rly been focusing on my spell power enchants to gain alot more of it doesent matter wot slot colours thay r well i have money issues atm so cant get the high end enchant as the ppl who sell em in ah for rediculs prices i have been trying hard to get max enchant as i can it will help me and get my further in the game as most of u know i am trying to get the best gear as i can its been hard but im getting though it nearly have anuf badges for t8 so i think im doing ok on my gems ect

What glyphs are you using and why?

my glyphs i am useing atm is the holy light;i have chosen this 1 for beeing a life saver 1 of these days as it heals everyone in the raid next glyph is flash light also decresses the mana of the spell wich is handy if u go OOM next 1 is glyph os beacon that is an ok 1 too i might change it tho becus of this 1 its that i keep fogeting to refresh the spell lol

Do you have any notable offspec gear and are you experience/up to date with the mechanics of playing your offspecs?

well my OS is aully prot i have been working on to get it maxed defens capped wich i havent got atm still needs work the reason i chose prot is becus there is not alot of tanks around pluss i can solo more things ect the prot is atully harder then u think to play its a matter of keeping threat, threat is the main prioraty for a tank if u break agro healer dies ends in wipe so yer i am an experianced player espicily as healer (soz about spelling)

We require you to have at least one crafting profession (not engineering). If you have two gathering professions, would you be prepared to reroll one?

i have always wanted to be a blacksmith so i chould make my own gear but then i realised i needed mining also and i wasent mining it whould cost me huge amount so i think i might go Blacksmite agian now i have some money so i can do it step by step

General questions

Previous guilds and reasons for leaving?

the reason for me leaving is becus i speak on guild chat (say LFG ect) and noone replys i fill left out then i see there all in uldur even tho i signed up wich i think is out of order i want a guild that i atully fill apart of not a waste of space so yer thats why i left

What role do you feel you provide in a raid and what areas of strengths do you feel your class and spec has over others?

well tbh my pala may not be the best or it may be but wot i do know for a fact is that im 1 of a kind xD i solo heal voa ect i know my rotations ect i can solo raids as healer and i bet not many ppl can solo onyxia as healer xD so yer my pala has had some bad things and good thins and i think i am good at healing is becus i have healed up till 80 and so on so i think it has an efect on other classes cause that cant do wot i can do Smile

What 1 thing would you change about your class if you could?

i think i whould change how healing whould cost less to use and how it whould be able to solo more ect for instance MGt hc seconds boss he wipes clean and im healer lol but done him anyways thats wot i whould change and that holy light whould heal for more

What do you think you can add to Eternals?

i think i can add some of my leadership skills i am frendly i have some skilles ill like to share
and i do like to have matur players so it will build my confidence duering playing ect on vent and so an and genrealy good ppl though rading

What do you think Eternals can do for you?

Well I do expect a group of dedicated players who know and understand their classes and roles in a raid, and are very able in taking on new encounters and are generally good people whether it be in a social aspect or a raiding aspect.

Personal infomation; Name, age, where you live, interests/hobbies, Job and family that will nag you to stop raiding?

hi my name is josh im 18 yrs old i live in hasting,uk my interest are rugby anf footie used to play for clubs ect i have no job atm:( my family never nag me lol im 18=addult so i can bassicly do anyting i wont stay up ect so i can stay in raids when ever we deside to call it ect

Additional information which you would like to name?

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Re: Holy paladin (ongbakk) new 1 (Declined)

Post  Rigsby on Mon Sep 07, 2009 4:20 pm

This application isn't currently strong enough, you can leave it as and you will be declined or you can rewrite it. There isn't enough display of class knowledge and I don't want your home address but general country would be nice.

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Re: Holy paladin (ongbakk) new 1 (Declined)

Post  Rigsby on Tue Sep 08, 2009 1:11 am

Much better second attempt, I will leave this app completly up to Ronab. Good luck!

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Re: Holy paladin (ongbakk) new 1 (Declined)

Post  Ronab on Tue Sep 08, 2009 10:15 am

You're in prot gear on the armory so I cant comment on that, all I have to go on is what you've said your stat priorities are and I have to say i'm not impressed. Int is still the holy paladins number 1 stat, and its not simply 'to increase mana pool' but because due to talents, it increases crit, spellpower, and mp5 gained from divine plea and replenishment.
Your talents are fine, but I'd really recommend dropping a point in divinity for aura mastery, its a fantastic utility spell.
I'll need to speak to a couple of people before making a final decision though, in the meantime could you log out in your holy gear so I can take a look at it please?
(What did annoy me about this application, is that although you're English, it was like reading an application from someone from a far away country who didn't really know how to write properly. Sad )

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Re: Holy paladin (ongbakk) new 1 (Declined)

Post  Ronab on Tue Sep 08, 2009 6:54 pm

Gemming very wrong, unenchanted gear and you appear to have joined BRB, so we'll have to decline your application, good luck in wow!

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Re: Holy paladin (ongbakk) new 1 (Declined)

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