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Bloood DK. Necriath 51/0/20 (Declined)

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Bloood DK. Necriath 51/0/20 (Declined)

Post  necriath on Wed May 27, 2009 12:34 am


My name is Jesper and i live in Denmark (if it matters Wink )

My characters name is Necriath
Its a lvl 80 DK Gnome dps
My armory link is:
I dont rly got any UI screenshots Sad
On this DK its 10 Days.
My profession is Tailoring :S and its 411 right now. im lvling up JC atm.
And my Internet connection is Good. Smile (i wont lag in 10 mans/25 mans


I got this 1, and a lvl 80 Warrior (horde) ยจ

Raiding times:

Monday 19:30-00:00 -no
Tuesday 19:30-00:00 - no (can stay 2 23:00)
Wednesday 19:30-00:00 - no
Thursday 19:30-00:00 - No (can stay 2 23:00)
Friday 19:30-xx:xx - Can stay to 00:00 sometimes more
Saturday 19:30-xx:xx - Can stay to 02:00 sometimes more
Sunday 19:30-23:00 - no. (sometimes)

Pre-wotlk exp:

All raids in pre tbc.
Gruul, Maggy, Kara, ZA and BT in Tbc.

Char questions:

My previous guild is Veni Vidi Vinci. a new guild who aint rly raiding or anything.
i havnt left it yet. cus i dont know if i can join Eternals Smile but it wont be a problem Smile

Well. i dont rly know how 2 improve my gear :S i just need the stuff whats better.

my role.. hmm. i guess ill just help out with the dps. dont rly think im better than any1 else?..

I dont rly know what 2 change Smile

A new raider? maeby a new friend?.

My name is Jesper. and im 14 years old (what would be a good reason why i cant raid so much)((and for the age requirement if there is 1)
I live in Denmark and i dont rly got any hobbies.

Well. that was it.. Smile

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Re: Bloood DK. Necriath 51/0/20 (Declined)

Post  Felhaya on Wed May 27, 2009 2:42 am

your gear isn't good enough to do Naxx10, you can't attend any of the raids, everything is wrongly gemmed/not gemmed/unenchanted/wrongly enchanted and you apply to a guild that is recruiting for Ulduar hardmodes?
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Re: Bloood DK. Necriath 51/0/20 (Declined)

Post  Itsybitsy on Wed May 27, 2009 3:31 am

I'm sorry but looking at your riading times I must say no.

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Re: Bloood DK. Necriath 51/0/20 (Declined)

Post  Duddjaco on Wed May 27, 2009 5:47 am

bad app is bad

1. Go Naxx
2. get gear
3. ????
4. profit

only advice i can give u to get anywhere atm. try to find a small 10 man guild of friends than are still running earily stuff at your times. will be hard to get anywhere else sorry to say

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Re: Bloood DK. Necriath 51/0/20 (Declined)

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