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Snorlaxx- crossrealm mage application. (Accepted)

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Snorlaxx- crossrealm mage application. (Accepted)

Post  Guest on Sun Jan 25, 2009 4:40 pm

Hello, my names Peter, I'm 23 and from Birmingham, England.

My character is a gnome mage currently on Tarren Mill, in the guild Sect. I was a typical 0/53/18 frostfire build up until this week whereby I changed to 18/53/0 with torment. I would have gone arcane, but another mage already specced it, and I wasn't counting on the less than reliable third mage to turn up to buff the raid- good job, as he didn't. Stat priorities are cap hit (w/ draenei and debuffer) SP > crit > haste. As much as theorycrafting around the situation of stat priorities suggests just stack spellpower, if I'm buffing the raid, then I'm hardly keen to let scorch drop off. Putting it back on with multiple casts would not only lower my dps, but potentially lose a large chunk of raid dps. My role in raids would therefore be amongst the top dps, while still buffing the raid- I am still testing whether torment/fire is better than frostfire, but I've only had half a week at it so still needs some time. Respeccing wouldn't be an issue, I'm confident my knowledge of the mage class is comprehensive enough to cater to changes. If i were to change anything about the mage class, it would be a genuine regen. While I dont currently have mana issues, I don't think I have seen all the game has to offer, and therefore in longer fights my mana may suffer- I don't believe evocation is the answer.

My armory can be found at: with professions currently maxed tailoring and enchanting. I came a cropper with the tailoring, as I picked it up the day of release and was more than a little upset to find no FSW equivalent confirmed. Unless there are significant buffs planned i.e. sunwell patterns (none I can see yet) I will be dropping this for JC or alchemy.
Flasks, pots and food are as standard all spell power increasing and currently haste pots are giving me the largest increase. I have a plethora of these, and gold to back it up should I ever go short.
Recent WWS-
The WWS was a disappointing one for me, you know its bad times when you do more dps on grob than on patch, and the lag was pretty spectacular at the start, eased off most of the time but came back once or twice later. The WWS has no boomkin or elesham and I've had a few upgrades since (valor gear plus one or two others). I've had 4.6k parses on patch, without an elemental shaman or ToW so am quite sure that given the setup breaking 5k would be very easy for me. Recount did lie to me though, as it put me over 9000 for dps on thaddius Sad

This character was an alt through TBC, only hitting 70 at the turn of July/August- my rep with many TBC factions will explain this, especially comparative to my experience- I've still racked up 48.5 days played time.
Current gearing- Making do with what's available. The illidan helm is still better than the T7 for me (which i do have) although if I was to get another non tier piece that were better, I would swap it in, since 4 set is a nice bonus.
Improving myself- I reguarly check in with EJ and post there with personal findings and musings (under alias of course) After filtering the crap, there is a great deal of useful stuff on there which can be used effectively.

Vanilla- didn't play
TBC- picked up late on, full clear up to m'uru, as the numbers/setup didn't allow and I left the guild shortly after. Slack therefore is pretty despised, and this was with Lost on this very server with my dps warrior.
Wrath- Full 10 man clear (with undying) missing sarth+3.
25 man full clear without sarth+3.

Characters of note:
Róló, 80 shaman, Ghostlands. Elemental and resto gear up to scratch for raiding, enhancement gear leaves a little to be desired.
Gingeralbino, 70 warrior, Ghostlands.
Zkzdouche, 2 paladin, Ghostlands- winner of the PvPremade race to crossroads, ul with the MD's grimnab.

Raiding is currently 20:00-24:00 (gametime) on Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and sometimes Monday. This is somewhat a step down for me as i was used to the Sunday-Thurday way of life during TBC.
Meeting your raid times would not be a problem, permitting I didn't have a crisis at work meaning staying a touch later- this hasn't happened to date, but I would never want to tempt fate by writing it off. The latest I have ever returned home from work is 19:00 gametime, and staying late is never an issue.

Current state of affairs-
I recently joined two old friends of mine at Tarren Mill (they will also be applying, resto druid and holy priest) of whom got me into playing this game from a cs:source background. I am currently raidleading there with a degree of success amidst the Tarren Mill lagfest, with only a couple of milestones left to go. The guild is unfortunately falling apart, with the GM losing interest in keeping things going, and with players that seemingly don't know what progression actually is. While they are happy turning up to farm phat lewts on a Wednesday, when it comes to S3D people are running out of consumables, mysteriously going offline or just not turning up with poor excuses afterwards. I don't know if its due to these people getting too used to the current easymode that WoW offers, or just having never progressed previously on bosses such as Vashj, Kael and right through to all of Sunwell. While I am happy grinding out the harder content on offer, I am not happy with the attitude currently in place and given the responses I have had when questioning things within the guild, these are unlikely to change.

Why eternals? Ghostlands is my home, and your progress during wrath has been impressive with improvements guildwide. I enjoy playing this game at the cutting edge and am always keen to better myself at every opportunity. Given the ethos that is portrayed in your guild recruitment and recent step up to server top guild, coupled with progression, I think I would find many likeminded people here, after the exact same thing I am.

My computer:
spec- core2duo/2gig/geforce 7 series (my 8800 died!) will be upgrading shortly.
intenet- stable and generally lag free
ventrilo- yes
headset- pc 166 sennheiser, no shit mics thanks.

I think I can bring to the guild an experienced player with a comprehensive knowledge of their class, and the game as a whole. I know my place in raids and do my job, and will be more than happy to help out wherever I can, especially in strat suggestions for new bossfights. I hope everything has been covered within this, if there are any questions then do not hesitate to contact me on: email msn

Thanks for reading.

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Re: Snorlaxx- crossrealm mage application. (Accepted)

Post  Guest on Sun Jan 25, 2009 4:45 pm

You have my absolute vouch. I know you're an excellent and dedicated player, but most of all a fun person to have around.

Obviously a valuable asset to our raids.


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Re: Snorlaxx- crossrealm mage application. (Accepted)

Post  Léonál on Mon Jan 26, 2009 4:55 am

Mint player who i've played with in FTW back in the day..
Defo is a good player and knows his class well

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Re: Snorlaxx- crossrealm mage application. (Accepted)

Post  Rigsby on Mon Jan 26, 2009 5:06 am

If I was there it woulda been a no ^^ you picked a good time to apply Razz

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Re: Snorlaxx- crossrealm mage application. (Accepted)

Post  Thesage on Mon Jan 26, 2009 7:05 am

Tightbriefs wrote:If I was there it woulda been a no ^^ you picked a good time to apply Razz

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Re: Snorlaxx- crossrealm mage application. (Accepted)

Post  Ronab on Mon Jan 26, 2009 2:38 pm

Gonna accept, based on the strength of the application, even though your WWS was less than impressive :p

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Re: Snorlaxx- crossrealm mage application. (Accepted)

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