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Eternals Recruitment - Read this before applying

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Eternals Recruitment - Read this before applying

Post  Rigsby on Sun Oct 26, 2008 5:03 pm

Welcome to Eternals guild application forum.

We are a guild on Ghostlands EU (PvE) and below is what we are recruiting, a bit about the guild and how to apply. It is needed that you read all of it as there is important information that could save yourself and us time later on.

Currently Recruiting:
Open Recruitment (Trialling more than 1 and keeping the best)
Exceptional Applications Only (Good experience when we don't need the class but could fit in an exceptional application)
Closed Recruitment (We can't accept applications due to over population of that class)

1 TANK BEING ACCEPTED- Unholy dk tank or Prot pala with good dps offspec

Deathknight:Open Recruitment-Frost DPS
Druid:Exceptional Applicants Only
Hunter:Exceptional Applicants Only
Mage:Exceptional Applicants Only
Paladin:Open Recruitment Holy
Priest:Open Recruitment Shadow
Rogue:Open Recruitment Combat
Shaman:Open Recruitment Elemental and Restoration
Warlock:Exceptional Applicants Only
Warrior:Exceptional Applicants Only

You should take the recruitment needs above seriously. Although we won't discourage any applications from any class; the above is a strong indication of whether you get accepted for trial or not.

What Eternals can offer you:

Eternals was formed 18th November 2007 so is established on the server. We ended The Burning Crusade as the 3rd most progressed guild on the server despite the fact of being formed by inexperienced raiders and 6+ months behind the more established guilds on the server. Even though our inexperience was our biggest obstacle; we pushed forwards and over took the progress of many other guilds on the server.

We offer to new members a chance to face what we have all faced; a race to number one. We have raids running nightly and with now many experienced members and an established guild. We can offer security, support and a place to feel comfortable amongst people similar to yourself. Any sort of hatism (Race, sex, sexuality) is unacceptable to us and we enforce a very strict policy on people that offend.


Level 80 only, no exceptions.

Attendence - We raid 7 days a week, a mixture of 10 and 25 man raids. Full attendence is available although not required. A bare minimum of 4 days raiding a week is expected (Special circumstances are understood) whereas a 5 day minimum you should try and aim for.

Raiding times and Information:

7 days a week
Scheduled raids: 1945hrs -till- 0000hrs (Server time)
After hours raiding for those wanting: 0000hrs -till- Heart gives out

You must come to raids fully prepared for a nights wiping. If you use elixirs or buffs that only last till death (including buff food) you should have enough for 20 wipes on you. If you are a trialist you should have enough gold for a night of wipes.

Application Instructions:

- First you need to read this....oh wait
- You should look at the application examples post where all the officers have put examples of what type of application would impress them.
- Read the tips in the examples post, it may be what gets you accepted.
- Application titles should be in the following format "Class & Spec - Character name"
- There is a template, you must use it but don't let it interfere with your creativity. An application that stands out is a good application.
- DO NOT link us your Gearscore

Good luck with your application,


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