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Cog wheel related dc's? Try this:

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Cog wheel related dc's? Try this:

Post  Subeam on Sun Oct 24, 2010 8:13 am

Though I personally haven't had any of these cog wheel dc's, it seems to be a common problem for many others. Someone from my server posted this solution and I've heard from a lot of people it actually works. The problem with the cog wheel seems to be a tooltip error, so as long as you don't mind not having any tooltips on mouse-over, you should give it a go.

You will need to create two macros, one to "turn off tooltips" and one to "turn on tooltips" (when you know you won't be near any cog wheel and like to see mob's names etc)

Macro 1 - Turn Off Tooltips:

/script GameTooltip.Temphide = function() GameTooltip:Hide() end; GameTooltip:SetScript("OnShow", GameTooltip.Temphide);

Macro 2 - Turn On Tooltips:

/script GameTooltip:SetScript("OnShow", GameTooltip.Show);

So if you plan to do Headless Horseman or cap flags in WSG or anything else related to cog wheels, use macro #1. Once you're done and you want your tooltips back, use macro #2.

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Re: Cog wheel related dc's? Try this:

Post  Xida on Sun Oct 24, 2010 10:20 am

Thanks for the tip Subeam, now i may finally be able to do the Headless Horseman Very Happy
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