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Incywinsy Prot/ret pally (Accepted)

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Incywinsy Prot/ret pally (Accepted)

Post  Incywinsy on Tue Sep 28, 2010 2:31 pm

Class and Name: Incywinsy paladin
Race: Human
Level: 80
Armory Link:
Professions and level of professions: JC 450 Mining 450
Offspecs: Very good ret spec
Alts: Willferal Quite a good boomkin set with a kitty offspec
Do you have a stable internet connection (Yes/No and average MS in raids): Yes very stable rarely goes down
What glyphs are you using and why?

Glyph of divine plea - Reduces damage take by 3% when active. Constant 3% damage reduction when up as when im tanking im always getting hit, Damage reduced is mana saved.
Glyph of Sheild of righteousness - Reduces the shield of righteousness's mana cost reduced by 80% - Mana saved is threat gained.
Glyph of Hammer of Righteous - Your Hammer of righteous now hits one addition target - Just helps that little bit more with Aoe tanking.
Glyph of lay on hands - Reduces the cooldown of LoH by 5 mins - Nice handy panic button with a shorter cooldown.
Glyph of sence undead - Increases damage done to undead enemys by 1% - Extra damage done to the target results in more threat for me and less chance of an over agro.
Glyph of greater blessing of kings - reduces the mana cost of GBOK by 50% - Lack of a better glyph but all in all not a terrible one makes buffing that little bit faster

Raid times and Experience:
Monday 19:30-00:00 - Yes
Tuesday 19:30-00:00 - no
Wednesday 19:30-00:00 - Yes
Thursday 19:30-00:00 - no
Friday 19:30-xx:xx - No
Saturday 19:30-xx:xx - No
Sunday 19:30-23:00 - Yes

Raid experience:
Naxx10/25 - cleared
OS 10/25 - cleared
RS 10/25 - Uncleared
Ulduar 10/25 - Up to yogg saron, Also a few hard modes
Icc10 - up to sindragosa
Icc25 - Up to sindragosa
EoE 10/25 - Cleared

Do you have pre-WotLK raiding experience, if so what?

Everything since vanilla onwards since ive been around on the game for a long time.

General questions

Previous guilds and reasons for leaving?
BRB - Back when ulduar and TOC was out. Went on a break thats all nothing against them left on my own accord.
Knights of the templar - Just didnt suit me anymore tbh Had fun while i was there but it wasnt for me
Abyss - GM decided to stop playing wow

What role do you feel you provide in a raid and what areas of strengths do you feel your class and spec has over others?
Very good well played prot paladin, with a few home made macros to make Damage reduction to the raid less over a short period also maximizing my tps on boss pulls. Very good AoE tank's when specced and glyph'd correctly, also able to kite ooze's etc... Specially on the rot face fight with the bonus of have blessing of freedom.

What do you think you can add to Eternals?
As stated above I offer very good knowledge of my class aswell as well played. Always willing to look up heroic modes and learn + adapt to the fights needs. Also as and when required i can fill in a DPS spot as ret as my ret gears Very good.

What do you think Eternals can do for you?
Hoping for a stable raiding guild with a friendly social side and a chance to show my skills and prove my worth. Also with cataclysm around the corner Going for server first's with you lot would be fun.

Personal infomation; Name, age, where you live, interests/hobbies, Job and family that will nag you to stop raiding?
Names Josh
Im 21
Live in england manchester to be exact
Work as an aerospace spray painter
Intrests my Girlfriend and no she doesnt nag when i play lol
Generally no nagging will be made haha Smile

Thanks for taking the time to view my application i hope to hear from you soon Smile
Goodluck in life and WOW! ciao


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Re: Incywinsy Prot/ret pally (Accepted)

Post  Guest on Wed Sep 29, 2010 2:35 am

Good player use to play with back in tbc GL with your app m8


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Re: Incywinsy Prot/ret pally (Accepted)

Post  Charmediam on Wed Sep 29, 2010 7:07 am

Hey incy
Good luck with the apply Very Happy
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Re: Incywinsy Prot/ret pally (Accepted)

Post  Aurian on Wed Sep 29, 2010 8:36 am

Hi Kameni,

Welcome back mate. Good luck with your application.


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Re: Incywinsy Prot/ret pally (Accepted)

Post  Rigsby on Fri Oct 01, 2010 2:35 pm

Hey, sorry for delayed response, we will get back to you over the weekend.

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Re: Incywinsy Prot/ret pally (Accepted)

Post  Curzed on Mon Oct 04, 2010 1:04 pm

Accepted for trial, whisper me or any other officer in game.

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Re: Incywinsy Prot/ret pally (Accepted)

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