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Kusari - Shadow Priest (Withdrawn)

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Kusari - Shadow Priest (Withdrawn)

Post  Kusari on Wed Sep 15, 2010 1:27 pm

I was about to start filling in your template but I had a read through it and all of the information you require is written in a different application I have wrote so I will post this one.
Hope this is Ok.

Name - Craig
Age - 20
Nationality - British
Contact Info - - You can contact me how ever you want.

Character Information -

Name - Kusari
Class & Spec - Shadow Priest
Armory Link - Kusari Armory Link

Theorycraft and Gameplay -

Talent Spec -

I have the standard cookie cutter build 13/0/53. Leaving me to decide what I place the spare 5 points in. First off I went with the 2 points in Veiled Shadows.
This gives me Shadowfiend more often giving me more mana regeneration and a little extra DPS. As well as a little less cool down on fade.

With the other 3 points I chose another mana efficient talent in focused mind. Adding the 3 points into this talent gave me a 15% mana reduced on Mind Flay,
Mind Blast and Mind Sear meaning with both those talents I never tend to lose mana quickly.

I am sure that I could use these points to gain more DPS but being more mana efficient has always been more important to me.

Stat Priorities -

Hit of course getting capped first, made a lot easier being a Draenei.

With Shadow Priests priorities are on Spell power and Haste, focusing on them for maximum DPS.
After I have got what is needed there I can add in Crit but SP and Haste are the priorities.

Gear & Enhancements -

Focusing on Spellpower and Haste again is what Shadow priests need to do when gemming and enchanting.
Using 23 Sp in red sockets and if the socket bonuses give me a better outcome,12sp/10 haste in yellow sockets
12sp/10 spirit in blue sockets. Using Jewelcrafting I can also use the Dragons eye +39 Sp
Enchantments are focused on Haste and Spellpower. Using Enchanting I can also use Sp +23 on rings.

Glyphs -

2 Major Glyphs that should be used always are -

Glyph of Mind Flay - This is obvious is increases the damage done by Mind Flay by 10% when the target is afflicted with
SW:P. This coupled with the talent pain and suffering means that SW:P will be refreshing every time Mind Flay is used
therefore a constant 10% increase in damage.

Glyph of Shadow - Whenever criting with a non-periodic spell it increases spellpower by 30% of my spirit. Self buffed at the
moment I have 499 Spirit so that is 149.7 Spellpower.

The 3rd Glyph can be changed depending on the fight but at the moment I am using Glyph of SW:P to gain that little bit more
mana regeneration.

The minor glyphs have no must haves but I have gone with -

Glyph of Shadowfiend
Glyph of Levitate
Glyph of Fortitude

Rotation -

Shadow Priests do not have a rotation, it is a priority based system.

I open with MF, VT, MB, DP, SW:P
From then on you want to keep VT and DP up and use MB when not on cool down and then MF as the filler. This is for my gear now.
Once I get T10 gear 4 piece MB gets dropped so that you can remove the talent points and put them in Imp VE and Shadow Affinity.

Consumables -

I will always have Flask of the Frost Wyrm and Firecracker Salmon with me. These will bring me the highest DPS from them.

Addons and UI -

I have lots of add ons to help me out generally but the important ones are the likes of recount, Omen, MFClip.

Professions -

Enchanting for the ring enchantments
Jewelcrafting for the dragon eyes

Gear -

As you can see my gear isn't all that great. This is because I was never in a position where I could raid easily. Once in a
position to raid I can start to get the required gear.

Raiding -

Past Experience -

Unfortunately due to being part of a social guild I have only ever really got my raiding experience from PUG's apart from the odd times
they got it together and ran a raid. Once in a blue moon. I have ran Naxx and Ulduar plenty but have only been able to really get inside ICC
for rep runs. I do however know exactly what to do in ICC as I have researched tactics plenty of times in the hope of actually getting a raid

I don't have any experience of raiding before WOTLK.

Guild History -

Dark Argonaut Guild. As stated above I left them because they could not get a group together to raid as much as I tried to push it. I don't think I have ever
PUG'ed with anyone from here but you never know.

Availability -

There are no times I am unavailable for each week but there will be times were I will have other commitments of an evening. This will not be a lot and I will let you know in advance.

Other Info -

Not much else I can think of at this moment. If you do have any other questions just ask me please.


Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look foward to your reply Very Happy


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Re: Kusari - Shadow Priest (Withdrawn)

Post  Léonál on Thu Sep 16, 2010 2:17 am

Hi there Kusari,

Just a few things -

Firstly your Spec is fine, however i'd personally switch your Glyph of Shadow Word: Pain for Glyph of Dispersion, or even Glyph of Mind Sear. I'd seriously re-think/calculate using Glyph of SW: P though it doesn't give back that much mana over time.
Secondly professions are fine - But why have you only got one Dragon's Eye in your gear?

Once I get T10 gear 4 piece MB gets dropped so that you can remove the talent points and put them in Imp VE and Shadow Affinity.
Not entirely true i'm afraid - This only happens once MF is on a cast time of 1.5 Seconds to be viable to drop MB and not lose DPS.

Gear is okay - could probably do with getting 2pc T9 whilst your not raiding though - Would be a DPS increase.
What are your thought's on Never Melting Ice Crystal?


Léo x

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Re: Kusari - Shadow Priest (Withdrawn)

Post  Rigsby on Thu Sep 16, 2010 5:46 pm

Am I right that you have found a guild you are happy in now?

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Re: Kusari - Shadow Priest (Withdrawn)

Post  Kusari on Fri Sep 17, 2010 1:52 am


Yeah sorry for not letting you know.

Tbh I was punching above my weight here. I have found a guild that is around my level so I can gain experience before playing with the big boys. Thanks for your help though and thanks for considering me even with my limited experience. You seem like a nice bunch of people.

Hopefully when I gain a bit more experience I can raid a bit harder.

See you around.


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Re: Kusari - Shadow Priest (Withdrawn)

Post  Charmediam on Fri Sep 17, 2010 4:39 am

Kusari wrote:big boys.
And Girls Laughing

Anyway good luck and have fun in the new guild Smile
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Re: Kusari - Shadow Priest (Withdrawn)

Post  Tyrex on Sat Sep 18, 2010 6:17 pm

let me get this right... so u are saying that u are a "big" girl, charm?


Paladins never realy die.


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Re: Kusari - Shadow Priest (Withdrawn)

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