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Rogue, Assassination - Stylesz (Accepted)

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Rogue, Assassination - Stylesz (Accepted)

Post  Stylesz on Wed Nov 25, 2009 1:46 pm

Characters name: Stylesz
Class: Rogue
Race: Human
Armory link:
UI screenshot:
Played Time on your character: 95 Days
Profesions and level of professions: Skinning Max / Leatherworking Max
Do you have a stable internet connection: Yes, seems in holland we are close to the main server in paris and my connection usually is around 100 ms and i hardly dc.

What other characters do you have?

I have got a warlock lvl 80, a DK tank lvl 80 and a shit load of other alts not worth mentioning Smile

Raid times and Experience:

We raid 7 days a week, days and times could possibly change in the future, please delete yes or no below depending on whether you would be able to attend or not. (server times)
Monday 19:30-00:00 - Yes
Tuesday 19:30-00:00 - Yes
Wednesday 19:30-00:00 - Yes
Thursday 19:30-00:00 - Yes
Friday 19:30-xx:xx - Yes (04:00 maybe even later if am not sleeping on my keyboard?)
Saturday 19:30-xx:xx - Yes (see friday Arrow )
Sunday 19:30-23:00 - Yes

Do you have pre-WotLK raiding experience, if so what?


What 10 man and 25 man Ulduar bosses have you cleared and of which out of those bosses have you done on hard mode?

Uld 10man cleared up to Yogg but no hard modes
Uld 25 7/14 but again no hard modes

Character specific questions:

Explain your current gear choices and how you hope to improve then in the future.

The base of my gear is a very stable one, i have the 4 set bonus of the Tier 9 pieces, still working with badges on my last headpiece then its complete, the rest of my gear is mostly ToCT25 so by stats not badly balenced out, ive gemmed mostly AtP and Armor Penetration to get my total dps higher on the new bosses, with a 39% crit, 4130 atp and my capped attributes i seem to be doing jst fine Smile

Comment on how youve chosen to gem and enchant your character, and why you have chosen these gems/enchants.

I am ofc exhalted with hodir and koteb to get my head and shoulder enchants, for the rest i gemmed AtP and armor pen to maxx my dps output, i will also try to explain my talent build and why ive chosen this build and why it works for me Smile

Assassination (51 points)

Tier 1

Malice (5/5) - Increases your Critical Strike chance by 5% (1 per point).
*This is a very powerful talent to be in a first tier if u ask me, and thats why this isn’t skipped by any Rogue Smile regardless of Spec!*

Tier 2

Ruthlessness (3/3) – Gives your melee finishing moves a 60% chance to add a combat point to your target.
*Assa rogues rely on fast generation of combo points rather than pure energy regen like combat rogues*

Blood Spatter (2/2) – Increases the damage caused by your Garrote and Rupture abilities by 30%.
*Part of our rotation is to keep up Rupture as much as possible, so boosting its damage is a must*

Puncturing Wounds (3/3) – Increases the critical strike chance of your backstab ability by 30% and the critical strike chance of your Mutilate ability by 15%.
*I have chosen this one mainly for the Mutilate crit*

Tier 3

Lethality (5/5) – Increases the critical strike damage bonus of all combo moves by 30%.
*The increase on specials by 30% cant be missed ofc, and its the best way to the next tier*

Tier 4

Vile Poisons (3/3) – Increases the damage dealt by your poisons and Envenom ability by 20% and gives your poisons an additional 30% chance to resist dispel effects.
*As an Assassination Rogue, we are always going to have poisons on both weapons, and Envenom is our main finishing move as it will refresh Slice and Dice*

Improved Poisons (5/5) – Increases the chance to apply Instant and Deadly Poison to your targets by 10%.*
*Mainly the reason to use these 2 poisons and ofc these have the best effect's*

Tier 5

Cold Blood (1/1) – When activated, increases the critical strike chance of your next offensive ability by 100%.
*100% crit on the next special, do i need to say any more? Smile*

Tier 6

Seal Fate (5/5) – Your critical strikes from abilities that add combo points have a 100% chance to add an additional combo point(20% chance per point).
*With the settings and skill's ive chosen mutilate will generate the most combo points (up to 5 i think) and we use it allot ofc Smile so i think this is something that is usefull sinds we need combo points Smile*

Murder (2/2) – Increases all damage caused against Humanoid, Giant, Beast, and Dragonkin targets by 4% (2% per point).*
*Shame this doesn’t increase damage against undead, but we still see these types of mobs a lot in wotlk, so you will still get that 4% increase quite often*

Tier 7

Overkill (1/1) – Abilities used while stealthed and for 6 seconds after cost 10 less energy.
*As an Assa rogue wheneven we get the chance to we will try to open from a stealthed position so this will make the rotations a bit easyer at the start*

Tier 8

Focused Attacks (3/3) – Your Melee critical strikes have a 100% chance to give you 2 Energy.
*In my eyes the crits with normal attacks are more then enough to take this one!*

Find Weakness (3/3) – Offensive ability damage increased by 6%(2% per point).
*6% more dmg on all skills, so i need to say any more? Smile*

Tier 9

Mutilate (1/1) – Instantly attacks with both weapons for and additional 181 with each weapon. Damage is increased by 20% against poisoned targets. Awards 2 combo points.
*The heart of Assa rogue's Smile*

Master Poisoner (3/3) – Increases the critical hit chance of all attacks made against any target you have poisoned by 3%, reduces the duration of all poison effects applied to you by 50% and increases the bonus chance to apply Deadly Poison when Envenom is used by 45%.
The raid wide critical buff is nice, but a ret paladin will also provide the same buff. The poison duration reduction is also nice but i have chosen this for the increased chance to apply deadly poison, Having this talent will pretty much guarantee that you have 5 stacks up almost all the time*

Tier 10

Cut to the Chase (5/5) – Your Eviscerate and envenom abilities have a 100% chance to refresh your Slice and Dice to its 5 combo point maximum.
*This was one of the best improvements that Assassination got in Wrath. If you Envenom with 1 combo point, it not only does the Envenom damage, but you’ve just hit a 5 combo point Slice and Dice as well! Very Happy*

Tier 11

Hunger for Blood (1/1) – Enrages you, increasing all damage caused by 15%. Requires a bleed effect to be active on the target. Lasts 1 minute.
*Keep it up at all times Very Happy*

Combat (13)

Dual Wield Specialization (5/5) – Increases the damage done by your offhand weapon by 50%.
*50% buff to offhand weapon and we need it to get the next tier*

Precision (5/5) – Increases your chance to hit with weapon and poison attacks by 5%.
*The hit penalty for dual wielding is simply too high for any rogue build to skip this talent*

Close Quarters Combat (3/5) – Increases your chance to get a critical strike with Daggers and Fist Weapons by 3%.
*In my eyes we could have taken all 5 points, but we would have had to take 2 less points in the Subtlety tree and that would have come from opportunity which is too good not to take*

Subtlety (7)

Relentless Strikes (5/5) – Your finishing moves have a 20% per combo point to restore 25 Energy.
*Free energy every time you use a 5 point finisher and 80% of the time you use a 4 point finisher. It’s hard to skip this in any build*

Opportunity (2/2) - Increases the damage dealt with your Backstab, Mutilate, Garrote and Ambush abilities by 20%.
*This is a solid increase to our opener, Ambush, and our combo point generator, Mutilate*

What glyphs are you using and why?

-Glyph of Mutilate
*This skill cost's enough energy already, it goes down by 5 with this glyph*

-Glyph of Rupture
*The bleed continues for another 4 sec's giving us more time to increase the rotation*

-Glyph of HfB
*Another 3% damage increased, Srsly.. do i need to say more?*

Do you have any notable offspec gear and are you experience/up to date with the mechanics of playing your offspecs?

Yes i have combat gear, and yes i know how to play it sinds its a part of my char, but i was a born assasin Razz

We require you to have at least one crafting profession (not engineering). If you have two gathering professions, would you be prepared to reroll one?

Not needed sinds ive got 1 crafting and one gathering

General questions

Previous guilds and reasons for leaving?

For a very long time i had my own guild wich isent realy worth mentioning but i did spend allot of time there b4 i went hardcore raiding.

Last Wish - Was given up on by the former leaders due to the fact a certain person left and decided to talk allot of ppl with him, we tryed again later to restart it but failed

Vesuvius - My last guild, did not feel at my place then and i think i am ready for more

What role do you feel you provide in a raid and what areas of strengths do you feel your class and spec has over others?

Rogue's are know'n for theyr interupting as well as being capeble of doing very high dps and being on the spot rather quick, a very nice thing in my personal oppinion is the faction champions on ToTC, ive found we can make ourselfs very usefull there due to the pvp nature of out class wich comes in very handy at that boss, i think the rogue is a good overall asset to a raid group wich cant be missed Smile

What 1 thing would you change about your class if you could?

Gief plate!! hahaha

What do you think you can add to Eternals?

Someone willing to progress! do more then the farms on the instances, hardmodes, achievements, server first's! eternals has that, in return i offer someone willing to wipe, someone that doesent complain and does his job! i have a mic but am no the talking person, i speak when spoken to and do my job the way i have to do it and the i am told to do it!

What do you think Eternals can do for you?

Achieve my goals in wow! Smile

Personal infomation; Name, age, where you live, interests/hobbies, Job and family that will nag you to stop raiding?

My name is Gregory, i am 23 years of age and live in Almelo, Holland, i have a job as a engine rebuilder at a company wich is specialised in classic engines and older models but we can pretty much rebuild any engine, i used to work on my car allot but there isent that much to do anymore and besides the bad days are coming so am getting ready for getting my focus on wow again, i live with my dad wich playes games as well so he'll be busy with his own games so i can play mine! Smile

Additional information which you would like to name?.
Guild Master

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Re: Rogue, Assassination - Stylesz (Accepted)

Post  Rigsby on Thu Nov 26, 2009 4:26 pm

Scubadiver will deal with this app.

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Re: Rogue, Assassination - Stylesz (Accepted)

Post  Stylesz on Fri Nov 27, 2009 1:24 am

'deal' hmm that sounds very dark Suspect plz dont rape me.. Shocked

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Re: Rogue, Assassination - Stylesz (Accepted)

Post  Guest on Fri Nov 27, 2009 2:13 am

I'll whisper you in game tonight dude Very Happy


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Re: Rogue, Assassination - Stylesz (Accepted)

Post  Stylesz on Fri Nov 27, 2009 2:29 am

ok mate, am working all day so it will be around 6 or 7 when ill be on Smile looking forward to the reply!

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Re: Rogue, Assassination - Stylesz (Accepted)

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