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Social member admission and retention rules

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Social member admission and retention rules

Post  Rigsby on Fri Oct 30, 2009 9:27 am

After a short lived ban on socials (we were kind of swamped with them and was unclear what their goals were) we have now decided to open the doors again, with rules.

First off, WHO!

Friends of members are allowed, the amount per person is at the discretion of the inviting officer.

Friends of socials, at the discretion of the officer but generally only for long-standing socials who contribute greatly to the guild.

Other circumstances, at the discretion of the Guild Master.

Second, HOW TO STAY!

This isn't a blind invite, you must be commited to the sucess of the guild and the integrity of the guilds reputation.

You must participate in guild activites (raids, PvP, heroics, silly achievements.) Although you don't need to participate all the time or in all areas, we are looking for people who want to be a part of something and not along for the ride in any sense.

Epeens don't get to stay long.

If you degrade the name of the guild in any way, you might aswell leave before we can click the kick button fast enough.

You must be inclinced to promote and maintain good guild relations with others.

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